Friday, February 6, 2009

EDM #44 - Draw an animal

Meet my dog, Joe. He's a 10-year-old mixed breed that we call "The Dog of the Universe", cause he's just a great guy. Joe's a special member of our family and I really enjoyed doing his portrait.
Have you ever noticed that some of your best drawings are someone, or something that is meaningful to you? I know that I put a lot into this drawing because he's very special to me - I just love him. I think it shows in the finished artwork when you're drawing something that doesn't interest you - there's something missing but you can't quite figure it out.
My students frequently ask me about subject matter - they say that they don't know what to draw. I tell them to draw something they have strong feelings about - draw something that is meaningful to them. It seems to work every time - and I can see it in their work. I think it also gives you more incentive and motivation because you're connected to the work on a deeper level. Try it and see if you can feel the difference.
Joe was lovingly done in soft pastels.


  1. Really beautiful and different then I have seen before by's truly a winner!

  2. Good work...nice values and good contrast. Very eye catching!

  3. LOVE Joe's portrait! The background looks almost exactly like water.

  4. Very expressive-both of you.

  5. You did a beautiful job with Joe's portrait! He looks alot like my dog, Dusty.