Thursday, February 12, 2009

Insect Art

This illustration was done about five years ago and is one of my favorites. It's part of a Scientific Illustration grouping that I did of four beetles drawn larger than life. It sold in a show put on by the colored pencil group that I belong to - the man told me that he was buying it as a birthday present for his wife, a scientist who fell in love with it.
I love drawing detail and I think animals are a fascinating subject to study and learn to draw. I mostly use photos that I've taken at zoos or museums since it's hard to find animals that will sit still long enough to draw them.
But since photos can make things look flat, I also use toy animals - those small, plastic, molded ones. Some have a lot of detail and it's helpful to see your subject in a three dimensional form. I can even set up little scenes this way, change the lighting, and design the composition. And, to be honest - I get to play as well!
This was done in colored pencil on Stonehenge paper.


  1. I can see why this sold and to such a good person. I love larger than life stuff---but my lungs don't let me move that much. It's funny what you said about toy animals----I just came in the office to check the shots I just took out in the kitchen using a couple of them I have alays loved and had not used them like this before--but I am now---you're so right about seeing them in the different angles etc.

  2. That's a great drawing. No doubt it is still sitting in a place of honor in the buyer's home. Nicely done! And congratulations on a nice sale.

  3. I love the richness of the colors. The bug is amazing. I cannot wait to go camping so that I can draw some non-snow covered nature. Great Job!

  4. Excellent bug. He is really a great specimen.

  5. This is so cool! It makes me want to draw a bug. Any bug.

  6. Wonderfully observed!
    Cynthia Padilla, Fruit Flower Insect workshop blog:

    PS You might want to join other enthusiasts at this forum. Botanical Art & Naturalist Illustration;

  7. Anonymous2/22/2009

    Fantastic bug! I'll be showing this to some students who are drawing bugs right now.