Sunday, March 22, 2009


Here's a colored pencil botanical illustration that I gave to my Mother-in-law for her 80th birthday. She loves orchids and I'm happy to say that she was thrilled that I did that for her. Being the procrasinator that I am, I finished this, matted, framed, and packed it just 5 hours before we got on a plane to visit her. I didn't even get a chance to scan it or to take some really good photos of it.
I really like the simplicity of this piece - just a beautiful flower in all it's glory. I like doing this kind of artwork - botanical and scientific illustration meets my need for fine detail. I do enjoy art that tells some kind of story too, but I think this kind of artwork just stands on it's own in a very powerful way.
This is colored pencil on Stonehenge paper - 11 x 14 inches.


  1. This is gorgeous! I love that you did this in colored pencil. Gives me inspiration to try out my pencils on some botanical subjects (now that I've finished those cats!) :)

  2. This is beautiful and I love your blog. Thanks for letting me know about it! The bookmark idea is great too.

  3. Lovely orchids! You really captured their beuaty nad grace.
    It's a very thoughtful gift,too.

  4. This is perfection! I love details like this---takes extreme concentration---